Shadow Box Coffee Table Can Be Made Unique

Shadow Box Coffee Table Can Be Made Unique


The shadow box coffee table is a relatively new concept that can be customized just for you. Done properly this table becomes one of a kind. The basic concept of the shadow box is that is simply a display case with items that you think are important. The most common items placed in a shadow box are personal or family pictures or photos. They provide the same function as the coffee table book, it will generate interest and conversation while guests are gathered around the table.

shadow box coffee tableSomething that is unique to a shadow box table is to either buy one or you can even make your own. You will need some basic woodworking skills but the actual process is not that difficult. If you choose to buy, then any table that has compartments beneath a glass top can be used. The compartments beneath the glass can be of almost any size that you want. There are even tables that the compartments will only hold pictures or photos. It is typical that more expensive shadow box tables have deeper compartments.

The real fun with these tables starts when you begin to gather material to fill up the compartments. It can become tricky because you want things that are interesting and unique but you have to guard against cluttering the compartments. Remember the goal is to display items that you care about but you definitely want things that will inspire conversation and interactions.

You will also need to guard against overcrowding the compartments. If you try to fill every available space you might wind up with a table that is just too busy. You must be very careful to plan your space and fill it with taste and quality.

The shadow box coffee table can be filled with almost any type of item including memorabilia. Sports items, jewelry, gemstones, antiques, as well as personal items of family keepsakes for your table.

You will also need to give some thought on how to care for your table. The use of coasters is almost mandatory. You are going to want to have an adequate amount of coasters on hand for any type of gathering. Make sure that the coasters are used. Be careful, this can be tricky. You certainly do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is probably the most important preventive care you can provide.

It is also important to keep the glass top clean. It will greatly increase the effectiveness of the table and the items contained if the glass is bright and clean.

Good luck if you use this type of table. Remember you are only limited by your imagination and creativity to produce something really stunning!

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